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Missouri Southern State University August 2012 - Current
MGMT 0337 • Management Information Systems • 3 Credit Hours The course is designed to examine the use of information systems to support the management and business activities of an organization. The topics include: the fundamentals of hardware and software, database management, data communications, transaction processing information systems, decision support systems, information reporting systems, office automation, networks, tapping the Internet, expert systems, problem analysis, system analysis and design, and current and future management information system trends. MGMT 0350 • Fundamentals of Organizational Management• 3 Credit Hours A study of the fundamentals and functions of organizational management including planning, decision making, organization, leading, and controlling from individual and group behavior perspectives. Prerequisites: Junior standing and ENG 101/102 or equivalent. Cross- listed as HS 350. MGMT 0352 • Human Resource Management • 3 Credit Hours Human Resource Management includes the principles and practices of management with emphasis on the human factors, including procurement, development and maintenance of an effective work force. Prerequisite: MGMT 350 or consent of instructor. MGMT 0447• Employee Training & Development • 3 Credit Hours An examination of current practices and research in the area of employee training and development to include needs analysis, instructional design, and the evaluation of training in organizations.  Additional course topics include the strategic role of training, learning management, knowledge management, as well as employee and career development.  This course reviews the principles of scuccessful retail management, including managing retail operations, administration and control, location analysis, merchandising, promotion, and review of the retail environment with analytic and research methods applicable to retail problems.  Retailing is a high tech, global, growth industry and the retail manager uses creativity and analytical skills to be successful in this dynamic world.
University of North Texas Spring 2016
LTEC 4741 • Applied Technology and Performance Improvment Capstone • 3 Credit Hours A capstone course designed for students to synthesize the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned throughout the undergraduate degree in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement. Students will demonstrate their ability to articulate career pathways, apply technology in the workplace, and contribute to the organizational structure of either business and industry or education. Prerequisite(s): This course may only be taken during the final term/semester of the ATPI professional development sequence.the text.
MKTG 0312• Retail Management • 3 Credit Hours