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Dialogic Development in the Situational Leadership Style - Performance Improvement Journal - Published October 2017. The Effects of Organizational Culture on Employee Turnover - Presented at Conference - November 2017 Culture, citizenship and job satisfaction. - Presented at conference - October 2017.


Organizational culture, employee satisfaction and retention resulting from violations of Psychological Contract Theory (Dissertation topic) Training in Multinational Corporations:  The Need to Incorporate Culture into Corporate Training Policy Ethnographic study into cultural connections to workplace values in Hawaii. Effects of culture, race & citizenship status on workplace dynamics and employee retention.


Multiple levels of culture play a direct role in the daily operations of corporations as well as daily life.  Areas of study such as national culture, organizational culture, professional culture are all critical to competitive advantage and success of businesses and the workforce in general.  

Job Satisfaction & Employee Retention

Understanding and being able to enhance job satisfaction among employees is crucial to retention efforts and competitive advantage for business.  

Human Resources Development /

Employee Training & Development

HRD and workforce development are important aspects of current research.  Understanding the needs of organizations and employees alike provides for increased opportunities to improve productivity and employee engagement.

Organizational Behavior &

Workplace Diversity

Research into organizational behavior and workplace diversity can provide insight into the abilities of organizations to meet the challenges of the global economy head on.

Training Policy & Best Practices

Developing sound training and workplace development policies and best practices is instrumental in creating a competitive environment for business to succeed.  
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