Erik   Wright   is   a   doctoral   student   at   the   University   of   North   Texas   in   Denton,   TX.   He   is   currently pursuing   his   doctoral   degree   in   Applied   Technology   in   Performance   Improvement.   The   ATPI degree   through   the   College   of   Information,   Learning   Technologies   Department   is   a   diverse program   focusing   on   the   adult   educational   learning   processes,   performance   improvement, and human resources development. Erik   began   the   program   in   the   fall   of   2013   and   anticipates   graduating   in   the   fall   of   2020.   He currently    holds    a    Masters    of    Business    Administration    from    Missouri    Southern    State University   &   Northwest   Missouri   State   University.   In   his   undergraduate   studies,   Erik   obtained a BSBA in Management as well as a BSBA in Human Resources Management from MSSU. For   the   comprehensive   exams   in   his   undergraduate   study,   Erik   ranked   in   the   top   15%   of   all students   nation   wide   who   took   that   exam.   Similarly   in   the   comprehensive   exams   for   his   MBA he ranked in the top 10%. Erik   has   continued   his   academic   career   and   pursued   opportunities   to   teach   undergraduate   courses   through   his   alma   matar   at   MSSU.   He   is currently   an   Adjunct   Instructor   of   Management   for   the   MSSU   Plaster   School   of   Business.   As   a   Human   Resources   professional,   Erik   has worked   in   an   HR   Management   role   since   2010   and   conducted   HR   activities   since   2007.   He   is   currently   the   Senior   Human   Resources Manager   for   Yosemite   Hospitality   (Aramark   Leisure)   at   Yosemite   National   Park.      He   retains   a   Professional   in   Human   Resources   (PHR) certification   from   the   Human   Resources   Certification   Institute   as   well   as   a   SHRM   Certified   Professional   (SHRM-CP)   through   the   Society   for Human Resources Management. 
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